I'm guessing the author of this little post hasn't read this article...


Or looked at Lightning lap times from Car and Driver:

2011 Mustang GT: 3:08.6

2012 Mercedes C63 AMG: 3:06.3
2012 Charger SRT8 392: 3:09.4
2011 Evolution SE: 3:10.6
2012 BMW 335is: 3:13.8
2011 Subaru WRX/STi:… » 4/08/14 10:47am 4/08/14 10:47am

You really need to look at real world mileage of diesels. They typically WAY out perform their EPA numbers. The worst highway tank my friend's Jetta TDI has ever returned was 45mpg, in the summer he generally sees north of 50, and he isn't the guy going 68 in a 70 either.

You also should really compare longevity. Yes… » 4/03/14 4:48pm 4/03/14 4:48pm